Round 2 – Regs

Hope you have diarised the 17 March 2018 for Round 2 in New Hanover?




The guys are working hard to get the track up to standard.

Please check the REGS so you are familiar with the procedures for the day.

Just a reminder that you please need to present your MSA licence at registration and although you do you self scrutineering form online, this needs to be printed and handed in at documentation.





A few reminders, all pits need fire extinguishers and environmental mats (environmental officer will be checking), all bikes are to be ridden at walking pace in the pits, any rider on a bike with the engine on needs to be wearing a helmet.

There will be finishers medals to all riders that have finished the race and can be collected when you sign out.

The sign out forms are very important, please ensure that you complete these as soon as possible after you finish your race, this is not just an admin requirements, this is for every riders safety, we need to account for every riders safe return and your sign out form shows us that you are back safe and sound.  Please all, we are really concerned about all riders safety and  being accounted for and your sign out form is our way of accounting for you, please prioritize this.

Looking forward to a good day of racing

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