Round 1 – Mid Illovo – Event Information and Race Report



The Natal WFO Enduro Association will celebrate its 40-year anniversary
when Mid Illovo Club hosts the opening round of the WFO Enduro Regional Championship on Saturday.

To mark the milestone, WFO stalwarts are invited to come and ride with the legends and receive a signature legend t-shirt and share in the camaraderie at the post-race braai.

The event – sponsored by Alfie Cox Racing, Modern Butchery and Driveshaft Parts – will not only be a celebration of the old, but also usher in the new in the form of our Junior Academy class and our WFO Signature Sections and alternative routes, designed to encourage riders to experience a pure enduro.

Registration kicks off at 7h00 followed by the start of the Junior Academy at 8h00 until 9h30. The WFO annual general meeting will take place at 8h30 in the hall and the main race starts at 10h00. Prize giving will take place at the Mid Illovo club as soon as possible after the race and we encourage everyone to “have a few” at the club, listen to WFO Legends talk about their experiences and support the Mid Illovo farmers as they provide excellent catering and bar facilities. This will also include the prize giving for the 2017 championships.

An added incentive for all riders riding at a WFO this year will be the WFO Super Series competition that will enable a rider a chance of winning R 50 000 cash.



Track Report

Tian Malherbe and his team has put in huge effort to ensure you have a great ride. Under the guidance of WFO route directors Denzil Torlage and Stuart Gregory assisted by Nic Louw and his “Merry Men”have put together a terrific track through a number of the Mid Illovo club members’ farms. A huge thank you to the land owners for allowing us to come back and ride in this area which has been traditional WFO riding areas for many years in the past.

The 40.1 km course starts at the Mid Illovo Club and runs through the sugarcane for about 4 km before you get to “Craig’s Hill” which will get you warmed up and ready for what lies ahead. You will then continue for about 4 km before you cross the tar road where there will be a clocking machine at the road so you will have to stop. You will continue for about 2.5 km until you get “Grants Downhill” where your front and back brakes will be tested to ensure that you are able to stop at the bottom. Brake at the bottom and it will be too late for you!

Shortly after this downhill you will get to “Signal Hill” which is the first WFO Signature Hill. The direct route marked for Gold riders should take about 8 minutes for the top riders and as long as 20 minutes for the other riders who believe they are at Gold technical ability. There will be a clocking machine near the top of the Hill so we know who did the hill or not. Please clock your card to ensure you dont get a penalty as riders choosing not to do this Gold route will have to ride the alternative which will carry a 30 minute penalty. You will continue across “Ridgeback Mountain”, which has been manicured for you to enjoy the views of the Mid Illovo valley as you arrive at “Waterfall Hill” which does have an alternative route also carrying a penalty. This climb is a steady climb until 150 m from the top where momentum will be your best friend as you have to get over a few steps. You ride until you come to a steep rocky downhill which you need to decide whether to ride it or walk. You choose your destiny here as this downhill has been known to boost the economy of the local bike shops if not negotiated wisely.
The course continues along timber haulage roads with strategically placed timber poles to keep you concentrating, through a river three times, up Nicks hill and through a few valleys until you get to the second WFO signature hill, “Switchback Mountain” . Here you will need all your skill if you are considering attempting the gold route with careful consideration of your race plan for the day, as the alternative route might be your best choice late in the lap and the penalty of 30 minutes might be worth it.

You then have flowing cane roads for about 3 km before you get to the pits. We anticipate 4-5 laps for the main “Manne”, 3-4 for the “Ballies” and 2-3 for the rest. We will confirm on the morning at riders briefing on the exact number of laps due to the rain that is expected on Friday. You really are going to enjoy this route that will keep you busy the whole lap. Check out some pictures and videos of the route taken during the route marking process at the bottom of this mail. Prepare for a long fun day in the saddle and remember have fun and safe Riding. 


Something New

WFO Signature Sections

The new WFO signature climbs are gold category climbs that are part of the course, which will test the skills of the top riders. At these hills, there will be alternative routes (that will receive a minimum of a 30 minutes penalty) for the rest of the riders and, in some cases, a possible third alternative for clubman and WOW riders. You will be fully informed at riders briefing    

Although WFO”s are normally technical in nature, with these WFO signature climbs, we have provided an extra challenge for “Gold” riders. There will be alternative routes clearly marked for riders to test their skill and also ensure that riders of all skill levels enjoy the best possible race at their skill level.

WFO Junior Academy

This class was developed for junior riders and fathers who would like to ride together  to test their riding ability in riding a full WFO lap. This class is not about the large number of entries but merely a training tool that we can use to help develop WFO riders of the future. We expect a small number of entrants as this class develops over the years.This is for highly skilled juniors who have racing experience in other series and want to evaluate their ability in a hard enduro environment. The Junior Academy Class is for junior riders on 85cc or 125cc bikes who would like to test their technical ability.

The route will be the same as that of the main classes but will make use of all alternative routes with two time bars on the route for safety control purposes.

The riders in this class will have to have a chaperone ride with them unless the Riders skill level has been assessed and the COC exempts them from having to ride with a chaperone. All riders who complete one lap will receive a finisher medal and qualify to ride in the main race if they wish to do so.

Catering and Club Facilities

The Mid Illovo Farmers Club will be supplying a full catering service and there will be showers and toilets available.

Entries Close

Entries close on Friday and we encourage you to invite your riding mates to come and join us on SaterdayClick Here to enter and for more information.







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