The following are the Standing Supplementary Regulations (SSR’s) for the 2019 MSA KwaZulu-Natal Enduro Championship.

Note: These regulations are to be read in conjunction with theGeneral Competition Rules (GCR’s) and2019 MSA SA National Enduro Standing Supplementary Regulations (SSR’s). In the event that there is any conflict between regional and national rules, the national rules shall, at all times prevail.



          The controllers of the Championship shall be the MSA KwaZulu-Natal Regional Motorsport Committee.


  1. RULES

           2.1)     For all regional championship classes, racing numbers shall be allocated by MSA’s Head Office                                       personnel.  Numbers meeting the specifications set out in the 2019 MSA SA National                                                                                                 Enduro SSR’s (Article 14), must be placed on front number board   and both side number boards                 of the motorcycle.

           2.2)     For Club and other non-championship classes, black numbers on a yellow backing board are                           required.

           2.3)     Club championship & non-championship events will be run in conjunction with Regional                                                                                                                                       Championship events.

           2.4)     Regional Championship events may be run in conjunction with National Championship events.



The championship shall be open to persons normally resident in KwaZulu-Natal /Northern Regions



Per 2019 MSA SA National Enduro SSR’s (Articles 9 a &   b).

If the rider does NOT compete in any Junior Regional Championship, then, age permitting, he/she may compete in                                                                                                 a Regional Championship class.


  2. 200cc E1

Open to riders from the year of their 16th birthday and older (Two-stroke: 125 to 200cc and Four-stroke: 150 to 250cc)


  1. Open E2

Open to riders from the year of their 18th birthday and older (Two-stroke: over 201cc and Four-stroke: over 251cc)


  1. Seniors

Open to riders from the year of their 36thbirthday and older. The class will be open to any capacity motorcycle, applicable to 200cc and open classes. The organisers shall decide on a shorter distance, which will be as close to 75% of the full National class distance, as practically possible.


  1. Masters

Open to riders from the year of their 46th birthday and older. The class will be open to any capacity motorcycle applicable to 200cc and open classes. The organisers shall decide on a shorter distance, which will be a minimum of 50% (or a maximum of 2 racing laps) of the full National class distance.


  1. High School

Open to riders from the year of their 15th birthday, to 31 December of the year in which their 18thbirthday occurs. Maximum capacity motorcycle of 125cc. The organisers shall decide on distance to be run, which will be a minimum of 50% and maximum of 75% of the full National class distance.








  1. Club Class

Additional non-championship club/social classes will be run simultaneously with the championshipclasses in an event.

Club Class       (Any rider not competing in any other class)

Club Juniors16 years and older and not yet 21 (this is open to riders who are able to ride an 85cc, 125cc, 150cc).

Grand Masters(Open to riders from the year of their 55th birthday and older)


Bike capacity is not stipulated for Senior, Masters and club/social (21 and Over) classes. Further, Senior, Masters and club/social classes are not eligible for the Overall qualification.

  1. Regional – This class is only open to riders eligible to compete in the area where the event is being held.


5.2)   Should  a  rider  wish  to  change  class  during  a  championship  season,  his  existing
                     championship points will not be transferred from the old class to the new class and if his                      competition number is class specific, he must obtain a new competition number.



The aim of the Championship will be to declare MSA KwaZulu-Natal Enduro Champions in the abovementioned championship classes.



Championship events shall be of a minimum distance of 100 kilometres, and a maximum distance of 150km, over unseen cross-country routes, controlled by manned or mechanical check points, and shall be run during daylight hours. The Organiser/Clerk of the Course will decide upon the number of laps to be ridden, and this decision will be conveyed to the competitors at riders’ briefing, and via the official notice board. Senior, Master and social class riders will generally compete over two thirds of the distance of the full length classes. The Organiser/Clerk of the Course shall similarly have authority to determine and convey the decision in this regard to the competitors.

The Number of Laps at an Enduro will be determined by the organisers and may be varied at the discretion of the COC.



The Championship shall consist of a minimum of Six (6) events, and the number of events which areretained and scored shall be as set out in GCR 233 of the MSA General Competition Rules.

Where there are 7 events 6 will be scored.




  1. a) The start shall be a staggered start, at timed intervals. There will be a maximum of six (6)         competitors per grid.
  2. b) Top seeded riders will start at the front of the field. On recommendation of the Organisers,the Clerk of Course.
  3. c) The minimum numbers of starters ineach class shall be an average of six forthe seasonto       declare the class a championship class. If there are insufficientstarters; the event may be run as a non-qualifying championship event, decided by the Clerk of the Course.
  4. d) Seeding for the first race of the season will be done on the previous year’s OverallChampionship   points:

           d.1)         Seeding  for  the  second  event  will  be  based  on  the  current  years  Overall
           Championship points.

           d.2)         Riders shall be seeded and placed directly onto the start grid.

           d.3)         Any clash with the seeding of any event will be resolved by the Clerk of the Course,            whose      decision will be final.

  1. e) At the start of each day’s run, the starting signal will be given at the exact time a rider is due to start.

           A rider’s start time will commence even if the rider has not started or is late.

  1. Any rider not carrying 1 (one) litre of drinking fluid, a medical board and a first aid kit will not be allowed  to start the day’s run – Refer ART. 39 b) (xiv).
  2. The start will take placewith the machine stationary and engine running.





  1. Once the leading rider has crossed the finish line and received the chequered flag, the race will be deemed as finished.
  2. All riders that then cross the finish line, will equally be shown the chequered flag, ending their race, irrespective of the fact that they may have not completed the required number of laps.
  3. All riders will be deemed as finishers provided they have completed at least 66% of the required number of laps applicable to that rider’s class entered, and shall be recorded on the results sheets in the order of finishing, but below those competitors that had completed more laps than that rider.



           10.1)   The route shall be marked and maintained as set out in the 2019 MSA SA National Enduro SSR’s                      (Article 28), and the penalty for a competitor        leaving the route and    re-joining it to its positional                                                             advantage shall be exclusion from the event.

           10.2)  In the event that a competitor loses a route card, (which means that he will not show anyroute                                          check indicators on that lap), and provided his time for that ‘lost card lap’ is not obviously                                                         shorter than his other ‘retained card laps’, then the penalty for that lost card shall be 1 hour or                  time of the slowest lap plus time at discretion of the COC on consideration of all the rider’s lap                                            times.

10.3)   Where the route of an event crosses a public road – Refer to GCR 243 and 2019MSA SA National Enduro SSR’s (Article 20)

  1. All competitors must come to a complete standstill (wheels not turning and the vehicle notin motion)with one foot on the ground.
  2. Stop warning signs advising of the crossing must be posted before the crossing (the nature of the terrain to be taken into consideration) alternatively a cordoned off funnel area or any            such route control will serve as adequate notification of such road crossing.
  3. Stop signs will be placed immediately before the crossing.
  4. FAILURE TO STOP – with a foot on the ground – WILL RESULT IN a 60- minute penalty
  5. It is the rider’s responsibility to execute a STOP.
  6. It is not the responsibility of the Organisers or Officials to ensure a STOP is executed.

10.4)         GPS – With the world wide progression to marking of routes by GPS, WFO club has taken the decision to phase in the use of GPS as the main marking solution for our races over the next two racing seasons. Routes will be marked as per usual with all important directions and hazards clearly marked, but with 25% less marking done via the traditional stickers in between the tricky stuff. We are not making it compulsory to race with a GPS, however with reduced marking of routes it would be in your best interests to ride with a GPS. The GPS route will be available to download at registration by our GPS Steward and will not be available before this time. Reason for this is that due to various factors it is necessary for the GPS route to be recorded on the morning of the race to obtain absolute accuracy in race day conditions. The COC will be using GPS information more often and we encourage riders to embrace this new direction the club has chosen to follow.  



11.1    In each class, the rider who completes the race in the lowest net time, after the addition of any
   penalties, will be declared the winner.

11.2  No rider will go out on the route once the lead rider has completed the required number of
   laps. A rider stopped under this rule will still be deemed a finisher, provided the minimum
   number of laps   specified for the class entered, has been met.

11.3   The provisional results will be checked and signed by theClerk of the Course and then posted on    the Notice Board, with the time of posting noted. Any protest against the provisional results is to         be made in accordance with the procedures laid down in the2019MSA GCR Handbook.

11.4    Thirty minutes after posting, in absence of any protest, the results will be final. Championship
   points will be awarded in each event in each class (including overall) as follows:





Position                    Points                           Position        Points                     Position       Points

1:                             400                               18:               100                          35:              22

2:                             360                               19:               90                           36:              20

3:                             330                               20:               85                           37:              18

4:                             300                               21:               80                           38:              16

5:                             270                               22:               75                           39:              14

6:                             250                               23:               70                           40:              12

7:                             230                               24:               65                           41:              10

8:                             210                               25:               60                           42:              9

9:                             190                               26:               55                           43:              8

10:                           180                               27:               50                           44:              7

11:                           170                               28:               45                           45:              6

12:                           160                               29:               40                           46:              5

13:                           150                               30:               35                           47:              4

14:                           140                               31:               30                           48:              3

15:                           130                               32:               28                           49:              2

16:                           120                               33:               26                           50:              and onwards,

17:                           110                               34:               24                                              all finishersscore 1



12.1)      The pit/refuel marshal shall be an appointed observer

12.2)   Any rider failing to:

  1. i) switch off their motors and dismount whilst refuelling (EXCLUSION).
  2. ii) enter the refuel area in first gear, max 20 Km/H
  • iii) use an environmental mat (60 min penalty)
  1. iv) have an MSA approved 2.5 kg fire extinguisher, located next to the vehicle beingrefuelled (60 min penalty)
  2. v) ensure that No smoking occurs within 5 meters of the refuelling and fuel containers
  3. vi) ride his motorcycle / quad in first gear out of the refuel area will be subject to a 2minute stop/go penalty which will be enforced by the pit marshal
  • vii) Refer Article 22 in the 2019 MSA SA National Enduro SSR’s



Once in a Championship year a

13.1)      Riders may organise an event and will not be precluded from competing in that event by virtue of            their involvement in the organising.

13.2)   Alternatively such rider/riders may choose to be awarded, points equal to their best result for the year.

13.3)   The names of the rider organisers must be submitted in writing to the Regional Secretary,MSA     prior to the event taking place.

13.4)   To be eligible for these championship points, an organiser must help find route and set the            course, and be a marshal or official on the race day. Points will not be awarded to competitors       who            have only done marshaling duty on race day.



In the event of a tie in points scored, the competitor with the greater number of first places, failing which, second places and so onwards, shall be declared the Champion, and should this procedure not resolve a tie, the Controllers shall declare the winner on such a basis as they deem fit. Refer to Article 7 b) in the 2019MSA SA National Enduro SSR’s.



The Controllers, at their sole discretion, are responsible for declaring the winner of a Championship. They

are entitled to withhold such declaration from any competitor.



The Championship year shall run from 1st January to 31st December of each calendar year.




17.1 Failure to hand in an Evaluation Report Form within

30 minutes of finishing a race

R250 fine
17.2 1 missed checkpoint on a Lap 15 minutes
17.3 2 missed checkpoints on a Lap 30 minutes plus time at the discretion of

the COC

17.4 3 missed checkpoints on a Lap 1 hour or time of the slowest lap plus time

at the discretion of the COC on

consideration of all the riders lap times

17.5 Loss of a Stamp Card 1 hour or time of the slowest lap plus

time at the discretion of the COC on

consideration of all the riders lap times

17.6 If a competitor returns an unrealistic fast lap time

and it is obvious that the competitor has

deviated from the route thereby gaining a time

advantage over other competitors

30 minutes per occurrence plus the

estimated time advantage gained by

the deviation/s

17.7 Failing to refuel on an environmental mat 60 minutes
17.8 Failing to have a 2.5kg fire extinguisher available 60 minutes
17.9 Jumping queues at checkpoints 30 minutes
17.10 Failing to stop at a road crossing 60 minutes
17.11 Rider replenishment at the time check control table 1 minute


  1. EXCLUSIONS(Refer to Article 39 in the 2019 MSA SA National Enduro SSR’s)

18.1)   Failing to attend riders’ briefing.

18.2)   A rider or his Pit Crew not wearing a crash helmet whilst riding a Motorcycle

18.3)   Any rider receiving help, tools and spares outside the specially demarcated pit area, other thanfrom            another competitor or official.

18.4)   Knowingly proceeding down the route in the wrong direction.

18.5)   Allowing a non-competitor to be in control of a competing machine before, during or after anevent.

18.6)   Behaving in a manner likely to prejudice the interest of motor sport generally.

18.7)   Driving dangerously or without due consideration to other riders, spectators and/or property.

18.8)   Carrying any passengers during the race other than officials or stranded competitors.

18.9)   Consuming drugs or alcohol before, or during the race.

18.10)  Any rider who is not an organiser of the event found to have ridden over or in the vicinity ofthe route a period of 30 days prior to an event. The foregoing, however, does not apply to legitimate             participation in an event that may cross or use roads previously used within 28 days. (See SSR          334 in the 2019 MSA SA National Cross Country Mcycles & Quads SSR’s. The only exception is         a          rider, who has been called in by the organisers, to advise or to represent         the farmer in a   technical           capacity.

18.11)  Not carrying a First Aid Kit at any time during the race.

18.12)  The swapping of motorcycles during the race.

18.13)  Not refuelling in the demarcated refuel area.

18.14)  Not cutting the motor while refuelling.

18.15)  Being seated on the motorcycle while refuelling.

18.16)  Carrying of fuel in any non-approved container on the motorcycle, or in a container not securelyfixed to the motorcycle, whilst racing.

18.17)  Any rider seen in taped off/excluded areas, or disobeying any instructions given at riders’ briefing            concerning among others, no-go routes or areas.

18.18)  Any competitor “testing” a motorcycle before the event without the express permission of the Clerk of            the Course.

18.19)  After cut-off time riders shall not be permitted to ride motorcycles on the track, pit area or carpark.     (See also rule 18.8).

18.20)  Any Clubman rider found starting with the Regional riders.

18.21)  Being accompanied by a retired or non-competitor.

18.22)  Failing to hand in a route card.

18.23)  Riding their motorcycle after finishing.



Open to all Regional and National non-circuit licence holders. This Championship will be scored

from the best two (2) rounds of each, Enduro, KZNXC and Motocross (Enduro Class). Points will be allocated according the riders overall finishing position (MX will be scored on all heats). If a rider is competing in a Regional MX class, his points from the Enduro Class will only be used for this Championship, and not count towards the day’s results for this class.




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